Lonely Lake Woodworks is committed to sustainability on three fronts: environmentally, economically and community. This means that we consider the impacts of our products and productions methods from how we source our sustainably managed timber to making good financial choices to sustain our business model.

Community Sustainability: Our primary objective is to create stable employment and training opportunities for our community members, which has numerous positive benefits to our community. With limited local employment opportunities, many Lac Seul First Nation community members travel for employment. By creating and keeping jobs in our communities, we help keep families together and improve the wellbeing of many. Local artists create the stunning designs applied on our some of our furniture pieces, supporting our tradition of visual storytelling and sharing our appreciation for the land and the wildlife we share it with.

Environmental Sustainability: The forest is our home and our way of life. From it, we hunt and gather food and build our homes and community structures. We are proud to be able to support some of our community’s own housing needs from our facility. We source all of our timber from the Lac Seul Forest, which is the first Enhanced Sustainable Forestry Licensed (eSFL) forest in Ontario. Because our facility is located within the Lac Seul Forest, our raw materials have traveled a small distance, lowering the carbon footprint of each log.

Economic Sustainability: This commitment is to our employees and to our customers. Our business model must be built on financial stability, with fair wages and fair prices. Our business decisions must always balance our current needs and obligations and our long-term plans for growth. We must protect current jobs and seek ways to expand our business to bring more employment opportunities to our community.